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External Environment Factor free essay sample

There are 7 outside natural variables. They are political, financial, sociocultural, innovation, clients, contenders and providers. Every one of these elements have an incredible effect on an association. They offer the two chances and treats to association. POLITICAL elements allude to the connection between a business and an administration. Each association must invest an incredible energy and cash to meet with legislative guideline. Financial elements allude to the states of the monetary framework which an association works. Each association should concentrate on monetary development and dependability to endure long haul. Financial components will likewise influence clients purchasing force and example. For instance, when monetary is acceptable, clients will go through their cash smarter whenever contrasted with a terrible financial. SOCIOCULTURAL components allude to client inclinations and tastes. 3 elements ought to be consider in social variables. They are segment, way of life and social qualities. Innovation factors allude to the connection among innovation and association. High innovation are utilized to build productivity and viability. We will compose a custom paper test on Outside Environment Factor or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page To progress long haul, an association ought to react well in the changing on innovation. Clients will be customers who ingest the authoritative yield. It is significant for an association to comprehend and satisfy customers’ needs and needs. Contenders can create serious powers. Serious powers can give openings and dangers to an association. Each association should manufacture a solid relationship with their SUPPLIER. It is significant as it can guarantee a consistent required information and the most reduced cost and conveyance time. KEY ELEMENT WHEN DESIGNING ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE CENTRALIZATION implies dynamic is aggregated at upper levels in the association. DECENTRALIZATION implies dynamic are assigned to the lower levels of the administration. Centralization normally regular in a field that are delicate, for example, money. Decentralization generally regular in a field that require quick dynamic, for example, advertising. DETERMINANTS OF CENTRALIZATION AND DECENTRALIZATION are: The idea of the business Size of association The outer condition Management level Management capacities Organizational methodology Organizational Culture Geographical SPAN OF CONTROL is the quantity of workers what that's identity is straightforwardly directed by a supervisor. The width of range of control is influenced by aptitudes or capacities of the supervisor, qualities of representatives, attributes of the errand and the qualities of association. The more extensive the range of control, the better the correspondence framework. An increasingly brought together association will have a restricted range of control; a progressively decentralized association will have a wide range of control. Fundamental TYPE OF ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE There are a couple of TYPE OF ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE. The first is SIMPLE STRUCTURE. It is low departmentalized, wide ranges of control, incorporated power and little formalization. The subsequent one is FUNCTIONAL STRUCTURE. It is departmentalized by work. The third one is DIVISIONAL STRUCTURE. It is a different specialty units or divisions with constrained power, and heavily influenced by the parent enterprise. The fourth one is MATRIX STRUCTURE. It is a structure that specific people report to more than one prevalent. Promoting †CONSUMER BUYING Behavior HUMAN RESOURCE PROCESS HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT is a hierarchical exercises in exertion at pulling in, creating, and keeping up a successful workforce. The principal stage in HUMAN RESOURCE PROCESS is human asset arranging. Human asset arranging guarantees that association have the correct number and sort of individuals in the opportune spot at the ideal time. Employment investigation, set of working responsibilities and occupation detail are led during human asset arranging. The association will survey current HR assets. From that point onward, association should gauge HR requests and gracefully. They have to gauge both inward and outer interest. Inside requests are the number and sort of worker that will be in the firm in future time. Outside requests are the quantity of individuals that will be accessible for employing in the market. Next, they have to survey current workers by getting ready substitution outline and representative data framework. Substitution graph will list every administration position, who involved it, to what extent will that individuals administration, and who is equipped for the substitution. Worker data framework is a modernized framework that contain all employees’ data, for example, instruction, expertise work understanding and vocation goal. At that point, they will enroll human asset. Selecting is the way toward drawing in qualified individuals to go after position in the association that is looking to fill. There are two kind of enrolling, inward and outer. Inner enrolling is thinking about current representative as competitor. Outer enlisting is drawing in individuals outside an association to go after position. From that point onward, they have to build up the recently enlisted worker by giving preparing. The sort of preparing are on-work preparing, off-work preparing, and vestibule preparing. They likewise need to keep up them by giving compensation as indicated by their exhibition. The prize can be as motivation, reward, pay and advantage. QUALITY IMPROVEMENT AND TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM) All out QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM) is an exercises associated with getting top notch merchandise and ventures into the commercial center. There a few TOOL FOR TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT. ISO 9000 is a device. It is a program affirming that a production line, research facility, or office has satisfied the quality administration guidelines set by the International Organization for Standardization. Next is ISO 14000. It is an accreditation program verifying the way that a production line, research center, or office has improved its ecological presentation. Serious item investigation is another apparatus. Serious Product Analysis is the procedure which an organization examines a competitor’s items to distinguish alluring upgrades. The following one is quality improvement group. It is a communitarian gatherings of representatives from different work zones cooperate to improve quality by taking care of normal shared creation issues. Drawing nearer to the client is additionally an apparatus. Clients are the main thrust for all business movement. To be the best firms, they should hold near their clients and realize what they need in the items they expend.

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Social Justice essays

Social Justice expositions In this area, we considered Doing Faithjustice by Fred Kammer, S.J. Through this article, we have taken in the meaning of equity just as how to move toward foul play as a Catholic Christian. Kammer clarifies that our reality is unavoidable organized so as to endeavor to make life simpler. In any case, some of the time these structures are composed so that individuals are harmed (genuinely, monetarily, inwardly, and so on.). Working for equity, he says, is defining an arrangement to change or evacuate these structures, and afterward executing this arrangement. Our past investigations of the Gospel of Luke disclose to us the degree to which we should work at accomplishing this equity. Jesus dedicated his life to the change of the shameless parts of his general public, and anticipates that us should do them same, regardless of any hardships. Jesus stated, You will be sold out even by guardians and brothers...You will be loathed by all on account of my name... In view of our investigations of both the Gospel as indicated by Luke and Fred Kammers Doing Faithjustice, we can limit the Catholic Christian meaning of equity into a succinct explanation. Equity is, upon the investigation of our general public, the adjustment of the structures (individuals, places, forms) esteemed indecent. As indicated by Kammer, this remedy must be accomplished through an organized just as close to home reaction to the frameworks that are not functioning admirably. The Gospel as per Luke trains the significance of this reaction activity through the case of Jesus. Through the combination of our insight and our confidence as our motivation, we are called to act against any restriction to our meaning of equity. ... <!

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Profile Of An Adult Numeracy Learner

Dad is going to a grown-up numeracy class since he was sent by his manager. His boss finished his Level 2 National Test a year ago and is presently demanding that every one of his workers take action accordingly. Non-finishing will bring about no advancement and no yearly compensation rise Initial appraisal The key ramifications here are that PA is at present working at Entry Level 3 in most numeric regions. He ought to have the option to expand his capacity level and attempt Level 1 without an excessive number of issues. Anyway he needs to accomplish Level 2 so as to pick up his compensation rise and advancement so this will put him under a great deal of preasure and extra pressure. As indicated by Tennant (1988), PA, as a multi year old, is in his midlife transitional period and will be â€Å"Adopting a changing time point of view and amending profession plans†; this can be validated as PA is going to a numeracy course as a result of changes that are occurring busy working. His manager has expressed that the course should be finished and the Level 2 National Test must be passed or PA won't get an advancement or his yearly compensation rise. This is bizarre, as indicated by Charnley and Jones (1987), â€Å"Getting a compensation ascend as an immediate aftereffect of educational cost is amazingly rare†. Examples of grown-up learning reflect class divisions in the public eye and the various desires and observations coming about because of those divisions. Factors, for example, social class, sexual orientation and race sway on choices to learn, as each is related with specific social weights and standards. As per Maslow (1973) when physiological needs have been met wellbeing or security gets dominating. At the end of the day, there is a requirement for self-safeguarding and a typical worry for the future e. g. , will we have the option to keep up our property and our activity so as to give safe house and food tomorrow and the following day? All things considered, this is the stage PA is at especially as he realizes that in the event that he doesn't breeze through the significant tests he won't get a compensation rise or advancement. Friend and reference bunch impacts can likewise be amazingly solid (Evans, 2000). Individuals who are routine students will in general have a place with bunches where instruction is viewed as a typical movement. They likewise will in general be engaged with different types of social investment. Non-students have a place with bunches for whom taking part in learning isn't a piece of ordinary conduct †this is surely valid for PA who might not have connected at first in numeracy procuring through his own decision, and who, as of not long ago would not take part in any social movement e. g. going to a school raising money evening. Among male manual specialists, for instance, there is a solid culture of gathering similarity and solidarity. To participate in instruction that isn't quickly work related is viewed as what ladies or kids do and seems to be, in this way, not a manly movement (McGivney, 1996). Social class keeps on being the key discriminator in understanding cooperation in learning. Over portion of all upper and white collar class (AB) respondents are present or ongoing students, contrasted and 33% of the gifted average workers (C2) and one fourth of untalented regular workers individuals and individuals on restricted salaries (Gallup Survey 1996). Nonetheless, what and what amount is found out can be affected by the student's inspiration (NIACE, 1997) and, from my own encounters inside the post-obligatory instruction segment, I would need to concur with this. In any case, inspiration to learn could be, thusly, affected by a person's enthusiastic states, convictions, premiums and objectives, and propensities for intuition. Dad's current, positive, convictions about himself as a student and the idea of learning seem to have impacted his inspiration. One might say that the rich inward universe of contemplations, convictions, objectives, and desires for progress or disappointment may upgrade or meddle with the student's nature of reasoning and data handling. Inspirational and enthusiastic components may likewise impact both the nature of his reasoning and data preparing just as his individual inspiration to learn. Positive feelings, for example, interest, for the most part upgrade inspiration and encourage learning and execution. Mellow uneasiness can likewise improve learning and execution by concentrating the student's consideration on a specific errand. Be that as it may, extraordinary negative feelings (e. g. , uneasiness, alarm, wrath, frailty) and related considerations (e. g. , agonizing over skill, ruminating about disappointment, dreading discipline, scorn, or criticizing marks) for the most part take away from inspiration, meddle with learning, and add to low execution (Evans, 2000). This could be seen during PA's ongoing Numeracy Level 1 National Test when he encountered gentle tension, however was amazingly persuaded and positive about the experience and his capacity †and he sat back! Inspiration is, in this manner, not a basic issue, since singular thought processes and activity are firmly influenced by where individuals are found (socially, socially and spatially) and the requirements or motivating forces that work on their decisions (NIACE). Dad accuses his present absence of information and capabilities in numeracy on his underachievement at school. On the off chance that we look all the more carefully it becomes clear that, in view of his age, PA would have been going to class during the 1970's and 1980's. It was during this time the early underachievement of young men initially got clear, as enormous scope investigations of kids' accomplishments at Primary school highlighted the way that young ladies reliably out-performed young men (Myers, 2000). In this manner there was a move away from open worry about young ladies' accomplishment to young men's accomplishment, or underachievement, at school in tests. The worry about ‘boys' underachievement' has been described in instructive arrangement activities at national, nearby and school levels, most fundamentally in the burden of the national education and numeracy technique (Barrs and Pidgeon 1998). In any case, by and large upgrades in accomplishment are frequently overlooked and sex contrasts are credited to the adverse impacts of ‘the feminisation of instructing' (Epstein et al, 1998). The worry for young men's underachievement was featured by Murphy and Elwood (1998) who contended that improvement in female accomplishment isn't shared by young ladies from low financial foundations and may not be evident in certain subjects. Essentially, Epstein et al (1998) scrutinized the worldwide utilization of the class of young men's underachievement' by asking, ‘†¦ hich young men? At what phases of instruction? †¦ as indicated by what models? ‘ We could state that by definition, sexual orientation jobs are the social standards that direct what is socially suitable male and female conduct (Tobias, 1997), and are a piece of the socialization procedure of individuals. These jobs are likewise affected by every individual's social and monetary foundation (Tobias, 1997). One might say that sex jobs impact ladies and men in for all intents and purposes each everyday issue, including family and occupation. This is surely valid for PA, who feels that it is his obligation to accommodate his family and to have the more prominent winning limit paying little mind to his absence of formal capabilities. Everybody perceives that there are critical contrasts among male and female, regardless of whether they are just physical. Be that as it may, others see the physical as well as the social, passionate and scholarly contrasts. Furthermore there is conviction that, by the age of sixteen, females have developed more than young men by up to as much as two years (Skelton, 2001). This could imply that young ladies have a bit of leeway by survey tests in an unmistakably progressively capable manner and perceiving the earnestness and significance of the scholastic and vocation decisions later on. Dad concurs with this as he didn't pay attention to his tutoring and, perhaps because of the way that PA realized he was underachieving and he was unmotivated, he left school at 16 with no proper capabilities. He has as of late began to lament his activities. The figures from the 1996 Gallup study could likewise be utilized to represent this as progressively grown-up men (25%) are as of now learning contrast with grown-up ladies (21%). Since he is inside the grown-up training area, PA seems to consider figuring out how to be as a procedure of freedom. This might be on the grounds that PA presently feels that the instructive procedure isn't static and that his learning is a social activity for opportunity. It no longer includes one individual showing another, but instead individuals working with one another to guarantee every individual arrives at their latent capacity. This was additionally the comprehension of Bruner (1973), who proposed that learning is a functioning procedure wherein students develop new thoughts dependent on their current/past information. Grown-up students additionally give off an impression of being progressively responsive to learning if there is a setting to the learning. Showing grown-ups numerical aptitudes which ‘transfer' signifies presenting â€Å"students to various settings which have the equivalent scientific content† (Rees and Barr, 1984) e. g. electrical work, enriching, shopping or connected to business. This is positively valid for PA who works better, and seems to have a more profound comprehension, when he can see there is an importance and setting to what he is realizing. As per Bruner (1973), the educator and understudy should take part in dynamic exchange and the assignment of the instructor is to make an interpretation of data to be scholarly into an organization proper to the students' present condition of comprehension. During numeracy there are such a large number of methods of doing and clarifying a certain something, one model would be the different depictions utilized for the activities of ‘add' and ‘subtract', another model would be the different strategies for showing long duplication. Likewise, Bruner (1973) expressed that the educational plan ought to be composed in a winding way, with the goal that the understudy ceaselessly expands upon what they have just realized, â€Å"The idea of prime numbers gives off an impression of being all the more promptly got a handle on when the student, through development, disco

Influence of Technology on Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Impact of Technology on Society - Essay Example As per the paper discoveries the effects of innovation are both negative and positive. On the constructive side, innovation has make things simpler in the manner in which individuals do exercises, keeps time, helps creation, and condenses correspondence, upgraded instructive settings and improved social insurance. On the adverse side, headway in innovation has made individuals sluggish as most clients of innovation are so subject to new propelled apparatuses. The suggestion is that the lethargy has prompted diminished advancement, affected the earth because of expanded contamination that impactsly affects the Ozone layer bringing about an Earth-wide temperature boost. Innovation has likewise prompted expanding dangers to wellbeing as innovation clients invest less energy in work out. With respect to, students are presently increasingly reliant on PCs and adding machines to explain basic errands, which mains that they can't show their mind to determine simple assignments that makes th em latent in study halls. Be that as it may, coming up next are constructive outcomes of innovation that have changed lives.This conversation features thatâ advancements in innovation have helped organizations and organizations spare time and creation costs that have been an advantage to all endeavors as organizations oversee such upgrades to increase serious advantage. Advancement in innovation in human services and medication has helped with sparing innumerable honest lives. Human wellbeing sciences and medication have improved essentially.

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How Music Can Affect the Worker’s Productivity Case - 275 Words

How Music Can Affect the Worker's Productivity? (Case Study Sample) Content: Type your name hereType your professors name hereType your subject and its code here10th April 2016How Music can affect the workers productivity?Music is basically an art form which has its medium as Sound. It is referred by commoners as harmonies, melodies and so on. Right from the operation theaters to a normal office, right from the cine malls to our very own homes, music is omnipresent. Different genres of music will suit different types of people. For instance, some people like Reggae, some like RB, some like country music, etc., but here, from an overall perspective, we are going to look in detail how music can affect the workers productivity and whether it has a positive or a negative influence in the everyday work life of an individual.Music and its effectsMusic always has vast and profound effects in a humans life. Music, as a concept largely depends on the circumstances. For instance, a smooth flowing slow music may be apt for a yoga studio, whereas for an a erobic dance center, it doesnt. Hence, Music largely influences our mood and behavior and there are certain companies which make huge profit by providing custom-made music CDs for different businesses in order to boost their productivity. For instance, consider the company Muzak which makes a huge profit in this type of business. Like the external circumstances, even the demographic parameter plays a vital role in determining the type of music, which is to be played. Music is also an ever-evolving concept. What our forefathers listened in their eras, simply dont exist anymore. What is in trend now will certainly cease to exist in the forthcoming generations. Now-a-days, Music therapy has evolved as a famous concept wherein, music, especially soothing ones by expert professionals is used to create a therapeutic effect upon an individual in order to create positive effects on the individuals life and thereby solve his/her problems. This therapy incorporates many techniques, right from clinical therapy to reflexology, to create the positive approach in ones life and right now, this concept has been employed in various work strata and is one of the rapidly developing concepts to eliminate both work related and personal stress. In todays world, it had become an unwritten norm that headphones should be allowed in the workspace. For most of the working people, bringing headphones to the office and listening to music, while working, has become a daily habit. Skimming through the playlists anywhere and at anytime, right from country music to pop has become everyones personal habit, literally. With the introduction of open desk environments and computer based disc jockeys and palm sized ipods the whole workplace norm had been rewritten. So, the ultimate question we have now is, does playing music leave a positive or a negative effect (i.e.) whether it boosts and compliments a workers productivity or does it contrarily inhibit ones work based performance, is something we are going to look into via this paper.Recent researches and studies conducted in this sector have proved that music indeed reduces the work based stress and it makes doing the repetitive tasks easier, by lifting our mood and eradicating the somberness we usually experience in work environments. So, ultimately being happy makes one to perform better, paving way for the enhancement. Out of a study, conducted in a Canadian software company, 73% of the population considered for the research reported that playing music in the background enhances the productivity whereas the remaining population reported otherwise. Also, the overall productivity and the positive factor, dipped down a bit, when the music was stopped playing in the background. When tasks with longer duration were given, music was considered as an inevitable means to reduce the existing stress. The next point of consideration is that people complete their allotted tasks more quickly, when they are in a music related environ ment. Apparently, those who work in a silent, stoic environment take longer time to complete. The reason behind this change can be explained as follows. Next, according to the study conducted by the journal of Neuroscience of Behavior and Physiology, a person immaterial of the age, finds repetitive patterns, shapes and images quicker when some music was played in the background, whereas the absence of music, makes the same person to recognize a little bit later. So, we can confidently say that, irrespective of the type of music that is played, it always creates positive impact on the minds of the workers and makes a person to enjoy the repetitive and mundane tasks (Padnani 2012).Basically, the part of our brain, which responds to the music played, belongs to the sector of creative domain (i.e.) the ventral tegmental area and hence listening to a soft music makes us to get synchronized with the work done and with the colleagues in a positive way. Hence, this aspect will strongly crea te a group identity and a positive and healthy relationship with the colleagues. This area is known as the reward system and the Dopamine is strongly associated with this system. The feeling of happiness and pleasure we get out of listening is also associated with Dopamine only. So, in this aspect, Music is bound to keep the creative spark alive.(Cho 2013)Scientifically, it has been reported that an enjoyable and soothing music, releases Dopamine, which is usually aided by doing something delightful and wonderful, thereby making a person feel happy. There is also another viewpoint that if we listen to music via our headphones, it blocks the unnecessary external noises and disturbances, thereby making us concentrate on our task better. This will be more apt in those places, where the work environment will be noisier. So, in those places, staying in the right mood becomes critical. Plugging the headphones in will prevent the constant yapping that is created by these type of environmen ts. Also, these headphones will prevent us from hearing the loud chatters that are inevitable in a work place.In todays work life, most of the people are bound to do repetitive tasks on a regular basis and Music comes handy. Even when boring tasks are ahead, playing music will help to combat the boredom that will exist with these type of mundane works. But, like individual choices, Music also depends on ones interest. What may suit one doesnt really suit for another. Hence, it is best to listen to music via headphones rather than making it blare at a common place in the office, for everyone to hear it. Also, to a certain extent Music with lyrics and newly played music can distract people. While Music with lyrics also activates the language center of the brain and makes us to mouth those lyrics, the music which is getting played for the first time can captivate the curiosity of the listener and it can make the listener to lose their focus on work. Soothing music without lyrics played at a low volume at the background level is bound to have positive effects on oneself and it may even result inducing some creative ideas. Alongside reducing the work stress, music plays an integral part in reducing the boredom that one experiences in the office, as most of the jobs today are confined entirely to the computers. Ultimately, to the listener it gives a feeling of control over his/her aural environment (Taylor 2014).Let us imagine ourselves wherein we are standing in a queue for long hours. The stress and the impatience that will be created in our minds will be reduced if any music, even if it is inconsequential, is played. The reason is simple: It distracts us. It helps us ease out the tension that exists in a queue. Here, momentary distraction is the key and music does th...

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What are PEDs - Free Essay Example

What are PEDs? Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) are used to increase performance activity. They are widely known from their usage in sports for the increase of performance. They are also used to treat immune system disorders and inflammation. Different types are: Anabolic steroids, Androstenedione, Human Growth hormone, Erythropoietin, Diuretics, Creatine, Stimulants. The usage of steroids by athletes has lead to the making of designer steroids; these are made to be undetectable in drug tests. Although lots of athletes have been caught even after these existed. This resulted in cheating scandals, athletes being banned, and stripped of their titles. Along with this comes the negative side effects even after these athletes are forced to stop using them. Anabolic Steroids Anabolic steroids is a drug that increases the amount testosterone produced in humans. They are usually taken orally, injected into a muscle, or used in a topical gel or patch. Short term effects can lead to mental issues such as: paranoia, irritability, impaired judgement, delusions, and violent behavior. Long term effects include kidney, heart, and liver damage. The abuse of these steroids can also lead to a significant change in mood and behavior because of the change in the amount of chemicals released in the brain. Many who abuse anabolic steroids will use them in cycles. They go on and off them to try to avoid side effects, although there are still long-term risks from this. Also injecting anabolic steroids increases the risk of coming in contact with blood-borne diseases like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B and C. Several reports have described men with little or no apparent history of violence or criminal behavior prior to [steroid] use who committed murder or attempted murder while using [steroids]. (Kanayama, 2010) HGH Human Growth hormones are produced in the pituitary gland which prompts growth in children and adults. They are used to increase muscle mass, bone growth and decrease adipose tissue. Synthetic human growth hormones were developed in 1985 and shortly after approved by FDA for uses in children and adults. They are only used through injection which must be prescribed. The most common usage for them are not FDA approved are used along with other PEDs to increase athletic performance. Negative effects of abuse of this steroid is edema (build up of fluid inside your body), joint pain, and muscle weakness. Human growth hormone s and growth factors are banned by WADA (World Doping Agency). Erythropoietin Erythropoietin is originally used to treat anemia, but it is used commonly now to increase the oxygen carried from your lungs to the rest of your body. It is a chemical released from your kidneys, and promotes the production of red blood cells. This specific type of hormone increases the excretion of water from the body which in turn cleans out the body. It is an extremely dangerous diuretic; it can lead to dehydration, strokes, heart attacks, and death. Diuretics Diuretics also known as water pills are used to help people lose weight, pass drug tests, and also to lower your blood pressure. They change our bodies natural water and salt levels by releasing it in urine. The total fluid in our blood vessels decrease therefore decreasing our blood pressure making it easier for our heart to pump. Negative side effects of this drug are: dizziness, dehydration, fainting spells, and a potassium deficiency. Creatine Creatine is one of the more commons drugs used because it is over the counter. It is an amino acid found in muscles and the brain, but it is now made synthetically and to help energy released from muscles, increase muscle mass, and enhance exercise performance. Abuse of the drug can lead to kidney problems and liver damage, also stomach and muscle cramps, nausea, and weight gain (if not used in high intensity workouts). Stimulants They work on the central nervous system to to increase alertness, reduce fatigue, and increase competitiveness, aggressiveness, and concentration. Different types of stimulants are amphetamine, caffeine, cocaine, diet pills, methamphetamine, and ritalin. All of these can be taken orally, snorted, injected, or smoked. Short term effects include an immediate exhaustion and depression (the down that follows the up). This can lead to the user wanting more (addiction), which is one of the results of larger doses over a short period of time. Long term effects may result in hostility, paranoia, fever, and irregular heartbeat. Other Side effects include: increase in blood pressure and heart rate, heart attacks, strokes, vomiting, dizziness, headache, and tremor. In the USA, the National Collegiate Athletic Association acknowledged that the number of student athletes testing positive for stimulant medications has increased three-fold in recent years Designer steroids A specific type of Anabolic Steroid which is called designer drugs. These are synthetic steroids that were created to be of the same use as testosterone while being undetectable in drug tests. They were made for athletes to be able to use steroids for an increase in performance without getting caught because they have not been approved or tested by FDA (Federal Drug administration) and are very dangerous. The effects of these steroids are similar to the negative effects of anabolic steroids, although can much worse because of the risk of taking non FDA approved drugs. Usage of steroids in athletes Steroid use among athlete has become a recognized and continuing issue in sports today. There has been an increase in usage in high school, college, and professional athletes; along with this is an increase in drug-related deaths. Dwain Chambers, Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong, and Justin Gatlin are some of the many athletes caught and banned from competing due to their use of steroids. The publics concern for athletes usage of steroids has rendered to mass media attention, and tougher laws for their use and distribution. Athletes cheating scandals in the olympics Tyson Gay won a silver medal at the 2012 olympics in track and field. He also had the second-fastest time in the 100-meter dash with a 9.69-second run in 2009 at the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix. In 2013 he test positive for a banned substance and was banned from the sport for a year and stripped of his silver Olympic medal. Rashid Ramzi received a gold medal in track and field (1500m) in the summer olympics in Beijing China in 2008. Soon after he tested positive for a blood-boosting substance CERA (and was stripped of his medal. Manny Ramirez was playing for the LA dodgers and was suspended for 50 games in 2009 for using human chorionic gonadotropin (which increases the production of testosterone). Early in 2011 while playing for the rays after only 5 games, Ramirez violated the drug policy again and faced a 100-game ban. Instead he retired; but by the end of the season he asked to be reinstated. He then completed a 50-game ban and the following year played for the Oakland Athletics. He was also one of the 104 players that tested positive in the 2003 MLB survey for performance-enhancing drugs. This was before the league had a drug policy and or executed punishments for P.E.D. use. Effects of the immediate stop of steroid usage Immediately after stopping steroids, you lose about 20-50% of muscle mass that was gained during. After a 12-week cycle on testosterone, there will still be extra weight 6 months later. Everything begins to normalize in your body quickly such as acne, and the production of testosterone. Although in men their sexual drive worsens. There is an increased future risk of heart attack, stroke, and baldness. Some are able to minimize these long term negative effects by taking HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), which is prescribed for pregnancy so therefor it is illegal and dangerous. It increases the start of production of testosterone quicker than normal. Medically Prescribed Steroids Steroids are synthetic drugs that are similar to cortisol (a hormone that your body produces naturally). Steroids work by decreasing inflammation and reducing our immune systems activity. Examples of corticosteroids medications are triamcinolone, cortisone, prednisone, and methylprednisolone. In certain diseases such as: systemic vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels) and myositis (inflammation of muscle) rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Sjogrens syndrome, or gout.); the bodys immune system doesnt work properly. This causes inflammation and tissue damage. Steroids reduce the overactivity of the immune system which intake reduces the production of inflammatory chemicals to minimize tissue damage. When the inflammation is threatening enough to damage organs, steroids can be life-saving. For example, people who have lupus or vasculitis may help prevent the progression of kidney inflammation, this can lead to kidney failure. Therefore steroid therapy can eliminate the need for kidney dia lysis or transplant. They can be given as a topical treatment, orally or by injection. When injected, they are put directly into a vein or muscle. Or directly into a joint or bursa in order to lubricate between certain tendons, bones, and or soft tissue areas. They are injected into one or two areas of inflammation which allows for larger dosages; this way the amount given is accurate. Unlike when steroids are given by mouth or IV, which would cause a higher risk of side effects. These low dosages provides significant relief from pain and stiffness for conditions similar to and including rheumatoid arthritis.

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A Commentary on the Geranium by Theodore Roethke Essay

Mallory Goss English HL Mrs. Riggs October 2nd 2012 Poetry Analysis The poem â€Å"The Geranium† by Theodore Roethke tells the story of a bachelor, formerly a party animal, now a lonely, aging man, through a sustained metaphor which uses the speaker’s geranium as a symbol for the disregard of his own health. The plant is never well, nor is he, due to the speaker being as inconsiderate to the geranium as he is to himself. With imagery, alliteration, and symbolism, much is learned about the speaker through a simple geranium to which he is intrinsically intertwined. We can see right from the beginning with lines such as â€Å"limp and bedraggled . . . / . . . like a sick poodle / Or a wizened aster in late September,† (2-4) that our speaker†¦show more content†¦. . on gin, bobbie pins, half-smoked cigars, dead beer† (10) as well as the consequences of such irresponsible actions; he talks of being â€Å"shriveled† and â€Å"dried out†. It’s clear both the speaker and his plant have suffered from such a way of living. It also seems to reveal the careless and somewhat incompetent nature of the speaker. After all, if you can’t even take care of a plant, how can you take care of yourself? In the next stanza we get another glance into our speaker’s former life. He talks of â€Å" . . .dumb dames shrieking half the night† (16) as well as more mention of alcohol. The pieces of the speaker’s past we have received thus far can be put together to form the image of a reckless bachelor who gives no thought of tomorrow. With the current events of the poem, we can see how this lifestyle doesn’t do much for our speaker now that tomorrow is here. In this stanza we also get to hear the narrator describe himself directly for the first time, but he still ties himself to the plant, showcasing how heavily interconnected he and the geranium are. The speaker says that they are both â€Å"seedy†, which is a rather interesting play on words du e to the fact that it means sordid or shabby, or could be used in the context of plant seeds. The term acknowledges both the similarities and differences between the speaker